Hahahahaaaa… Kommunismus ohne Korruption?

So gehört in den Nachrichten… Man mag es nicht glauben. Ich musste laut lachen. Das genau das der Grund ist, warum China niemals ein Mehrparteiensystem einführen wird… 😀

This comes from the Xinhua News Agency (Monday 15 October), „It’s true that a two-party or multi-party political system is better than authoritarianism and dictatorship, but it by no means applies to [China].“ Go figure.


Because, and this is a direct quote, „Look at what happened in Taiwan (province) and you will understand.“ The author (unnamed) is referring to corrupt Taiwanese politicians and the social problems they have caused.

Why else should China avoid a multi-party system?

That’s it. The author favors one party rule because he/she fears corruption (corruption which was exposed by the free, paper-selling, press).

I too worry that one day, when the Communist party allows for a multi-party system, that corruption will start.

This article was found, translated, in the editorial section of the Shanghai Daily (a English, local, paper).

Gefunden bei wrbriggs.wordpress.com unter dem Titel „Civil War„.

Zum Thema wird es noch mehr geben.


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